Monday, 6 April 2009

National Wedding Show Footage

I'm new to blogging as you can tell and when we exhibited at the National Wedding Show last September, Wedding tv were there to capture it. Click on the link to watch some highlights from the show as well as yours truly making truly awful tv around the halfway mark. The picture at the start of the link is one of my cakes which is sweet. The interview is baaad, but don't hold it against me!

Sparkle and Wow Wedding Show North London

Just recovering from a successful show at Alexandra Palace yesterday. Hello and thank you to everyone who came to speak to us at our stand despite the weather being so gorgeous it should have been illegal to be inside.

The show was hard work but always worth the effort to speak to brides to be and hear about their plans. It's very exciting at these shows as there are new ideas each time and you come away exhausted but happy. There were probably just over fifty stands there but quality all the way round. I'm so pleased that everyone who came over to us was inspired by our cakes and loved the wrappers, which we adore.

Above is a picture of the stand, and for those of you who came over to chat, many thanks and we love talking to you and hearing your news.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


I had the pleasure of creating the cakes for Louise's 18th Birthday just the other day. Her theme was neon, (think glo-sticks everywhere) which was a great challenge. The top cake came out a great fluoro green, and the cupcakes also lovely and bright. It's a shame from the picture that they look fairly subdued but they were pretty bright. I had a great time making them as I'm usually making wedding cakes with pastels so this was a nice change.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Welcome to my blog

A big hello to you if you happen to come across this blog. Since this is the very first time I have blogged, I am understandably a) nervous, and b) clueless.

My company is and has been going for around a year. I am based in London and am currently looking to make some changes to my website. Hopefully over the next few months it should look a little different, but really the message is the same. We like to think our cupcakes are very yummy, and they tend to make people happy, which quite frankly is not an entirely bad thing.

What I have noticed over the past year is just how BIG the cake and cupcake community is out there. What I would like is to just be a small part of that and hopefully I will hear from others who are just as passionate/borderline obsessive, about cake. I'll end this post by saying that I have not one clue how blogging works and therefore if anyone out there wants to throw an illiterate computer monkey such as myself some advice, I would love it.